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Summerhouse Services

'Supporting Brighter Futures'

Safe Spaces For Young People's Mental Health

'The Story Of The Amazing Bi-Polar Bear !'

Coming In 2022 ! 

A one day, 'grown up' work shop for anyone that wants to help or  support a child or young person whose world may be affected by  Bi-Polar Disorder . 

 Offering insights and understanding, together with  safe and effective techniques with which to support a child or young person who may have this diagnosis, or who is connected with someone that does. 

Using a creative and child-centred approach, together with offering a personal perspective into this condition (I have lived with and managed my own diagnosis of Bi-Polar Affective Disorder Type One since the year 2000).  I am careful not to use my own experience to make assumptions about how this condition affects others, as everyone's experience is unique.  However it may prove helpful to you as adults, in understanding the positive, negative, confusing, sometimes scary and sometimes comical aspects of one person's journey. 

Fees will include an option to receive resource sheets and a session plan to deliver your own 1-2 hour workshop

  'The Story of The Amazing Bi-Polar Bear',

  to children or young people if required.

Further details will be here soon and if you want to know more in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch

This workshop is open to practitioners, parents, carers or other adults that inhabit the world of children and young people. 

ThankYou. Penny