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Summerhouse Services

'Supporting Brighter Futures'

Safe Spaces For Young People's Mental Health


Safety Precautions

All workshops and other services are fully compliant with COVID-19 safety guidelines that are in effect at the time of delivery. I have hired a large venue to accommodate any social distancing needs. Even if restrictions and social distancing are fully relaxed, tables, chairs, and resources will continue to be sanitised and a social distance of at least one metre will be maintained in the training group, as some people now find it uncomfortable to be too close to others; I would politely ask attendees to be sensitive to this possibility. Windows and doors will also be open to give ventilation. 

Please do not forget your face covering, unless exempt, although I will have a small supply of disposable masks, just in case ! Current guidelines (as of 24 May 2021) require that you wear your mask while entering and exiting the building and when you get up to move around, e.g. going to the toilet, although you may remove it once you are seated.

I would ask that as a group, we all take responsibility for keeping ourselves and each other safe and be mindful of whatever personal precautions are needed at the time. I will go through the ground rules for this upon arrival and shall politely bring it to your attention if at any time you forget to follow them! Please do not take this personally as it is my job to keep the risk to a minimum and to keep everyone as safe as possible ! The last 12 months has taught us that the guidelines can change quickly and so there may be additional safety precautions or relaxations in place on the day of delivery, that may not be stated here, although I will do my best to keep you updated wherever possible !

I have had both my vaccinations and the evening before workshop delivery, I will take a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test and advise you of the result via a contact email group or by phone that evening. Therefore please supply me with an email address or alternatively a phone number that I can contact you on that evening to confirm that we are good to go ! In the event that I test positive, I will discuss your preferred options with you individually, either for a full refund or to transfer to a different date / workshop. Whilst I am not making it a stipulation that you take a test yourself, I would encourage people to undertake a test the day before attending; you can now get free test kits from local pharmacies or online at

If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms prior to the workshop, or know you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please do not attend and get in touch to arrange your refund, or transfer to an alternative date. A list of symptoms can be found at or phone 111 for guidance

If you have any queries or concerns at all regarding any aspect of the guidelines, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me